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Outpatient Clinic Advantages

Today a patient asked us why we aren’t FREE like some other clinics?

Below are our Outpatient Clinic advantages:

1. ACCESSIBLITY – patients have direct access to our physicians.  Our doctors and assistants are available every single day of the week for questions and emergencies.

2. SCHEDULE – established patients are seen monthly, as opposed to required weekly visits at other clinics.  This provides less interferane with work, family care, and other personal needs that vie for our time.

3. COMMITMENT – we don’t abandon our patients when minor slip ups happen.  We understand that addition recovery is a process with bumps along the way.

4. CUSTOMIZED PLAN – we can offer a personalized detoxication plan.  We understand everyone has unique struggles, challenges and goals.  We’re not regimented into providing fix treatment plans.

For the above mentioned reasons we are considered a preferred provider for our patients.  Yes, there are clinics out there without out-of-pocket costs, but you give up a lot of flexibility and perks.  We may not be the best option for everyone, but we are the best for our patients.